American Angel Andromeda Arachnia Assaian Assasin Atomic Gal Atomic Star Atomic Woman Batwoman Batwoman Black Lotus Blue Avenger Blue Avenger Blue Bullet Blue Raider Brutalia Chamelia Crystal Fury Cybergirl DarkAngel Dark Angel Demonite Destiny Blaze Diamondgal Eunice Equalizer Freedomgirl FreedomStar Galaxygirl Goldengirl Goldstar Graygull Greenblade Green Lantern Huntra Hypergirl Icewoman Invisible Girl Lady Despair Libertybell Libertystar Lightning Girl Lt. Liberty Mercury Girl Mercury Girl Metamorph Mightygirl Millenium Nightengale Nightengale Nighthawk Nightwoman Omegagirl Omegawoman Patriotgirl Patriotgirl Patriotgirl Phantom Powerwoman Princess Patriot Prisoner Project USA Protector Purple Huntress Purple Vixen Purple Vixen Puzzler Raven Redwing Samara Scorpion Shayla the Defender Shebat Shecat Silver Sparrow Silverstar Solara Solarfox Solargal Sooperwoman Sparrow SpectraWoman Speedgirl Speed Girl Starblaze Stargirl Starhawk Staria Starla Starshine Starshine Starshine Starshine Stellargirl Stinger The Cat Thunder Woman UltraGirl Valkrie Lady Despair Vicki Vengeance Whitestar Wonderstar sooperhero Zaya Zealot Nightengale Nightengale Nightengale Nightengale Scorpion Malevolence Isis Phoenix Multiple Girl Crimson Star Green Falcon Black Star Gray Power The Spirit of 76 Night Walker Hench Woman Shadow German Foe The Cardinal Dark Devil Lawana-princess-of-darkness The Patriot Liberty Emerald Mood Indigo Raven Geo Girl Vertigo Vixen Cardinal Syn Geo Girl Blue Scarob Emerald Star Phantom Girl Red Canary Alpha Girl Atomic Gal The Canadian The Canadian The Greatest American Heroine Americana Britannica Silverosprey Angel Force Freedom Liberty Girl Emerald Angel She Bat Vengeance Liberty Girl Blue Canary UltraGirl UltraGirl Stellar-Girl Yankee Gal Solar Girl Green Falcon
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