Batgirl was ready for a break. After several weeks of losing badly at the hands of the Joker, she finally had an opportunity to do something more relaxing. Today she was visiting Gotham High School to give a talk and a demonstration of her famous skills to the sixth-formers there. It would be a nice change from what the Joker had been doing to her recently - (she was still desperately trying to wipe all that from her mind). A chance to teach something wholesome to the young kids of Gotham City.

Miss Botham, the headmistress, had asked Batgirl to give a demo of her elegant high-kicking and martial arts skills, with the assistance of one of her start pupils, Joker Junior. Yes, Junior was indeed the son of the Joker, but Batgirl was very pleased to have this opportunity to show that there were no silly hard feelings and that the sins of a villainous father should not be heaped on innocent children.

So now Batgirl found herself standing in the school gym in front of a full class. She was in her normal uniform, but she had taken off her high-heeled shoes in order to avoid any chance of accidentally hurting her young assistant. After all, her kicks could be lethal if they connected.

Junior stood there in his white gym shorts, waiting for instructions.

"OK Junior", said Batgirl, I want you to try and hit me. Just do your best, and don't worry about me!

"Well, I'll try, Miss" said Junior.

He swung his arm awkwardly at Batgirl, but the masked crimefighter did a lovely half pirouette out of harm's way. Then.. Batgirl's smooth movement didn't quite finish: As she came out of her elegant spin with a bright smile, Junior unexpectedly lashed out with a lightning fast kick. Junior's foot buried itself deep in Batgirl's crotch with an audible *THUD*! Batgirl's gorgeous body seemed to rise several inches into the air from the impact. Her smile never left her face. Instead, a long low moan escaped her full lips and filled the gym. Her eyes crossed and then slowly rolled up into their sockets. Although Batgirl was already totally unconscious, her body did another perfect pirouette before crashing face-down on the wooden floor, stiff as a board. She bounced once, twitched a couple of times and then lay there, a thin trail of drool coming out of her half-open mouth.

The entire class stood up in uproar, trying to catch a glimpse of the famous Batgirl lying there, senseless, totally defeated by a single blow from a mere schoolkid! She was the picture of helplessness, lying on her stomach with the soles of her white dainty feet exposed to the crowd.

While a horrified Miss Botham scrambled to restore order, shouting at all the children to sit down, Junior turned Batgirl's curvy body over. He half-stood her up, and as he cradled her in his arms she seemed to sigh and her long eyelashes started to flutter. She was struggling to come around. Junior's eyes went down to her crotch. The little slut was completely soaked down there! He couldn't resist running his hand across her bruised pussy to check the moisture seeping through Batgirl's tights. As soon as Junior's fingers touched her, Batgirl orgasmed. She gave another long sigh, spasmed twice, and slipped back into complete unconsciousness.

Oblivious to all this, Miss Botham had finally restored order.

"Now children, behave!", said the headmistress, "Miss Batgirl is unfortunately feeling unwell and not able to continue with her demonstration today. We will have to continue with a normal lesson, and I want you to take out your history books. I will run the lesson myself".

Turning to Joker Junior, she said: "Meanwhile, YOU, young man, are responsible for this mess, so you will have to take Miss Batgirl to the medical room for a check-up and to allow her to recover. Get back here immediately as soon as the young lady is once again in possession of her faculties. Now pick her up, gently, and go, quick, quick!"

The fit young kid, well trained by his father, easily lifted Batgirl in a cradle-carry and did as he was told, barely hiding an evil smirk as he went through the door.

Two minutes later the still unconscious crimefighter was lying flat on her back on the examination table of the medical room. The day nurse was nowhere to be found, and Junior was certainly not about to go looking for her.

Junior immediately stripped Batgirl of her tights. He was delighted to see that her immaculate pussy was completely clean-shaven. He knew that this was the work of his father, from the last time he had captured Batgirl, but the little slut had obviously decided to maintain the style - maybe resigned to suffering another inevitable defeat soon anyway!

Batgirl again started to come around. Her eyes focused on the handsome kid, who looked so much like his dad, and embarrassing memories flooded into Batgirl's mind. Then she gasped loudly as she realised with a shock her tights had been removed. Junior moved up and quickly placed a finger against her mouth, signalling her to shut up.

"Quiet, Batgirl!" he ordered her with unexpected firmness. "You'll do exactly as I tell you or I'll knock you out cold again and carry you off to see my dad - and you know what he'll do!" Batgirl melted into a state of hopeless surrender. So now she was a captive of another Joker, this time a smaller version, but just as dominant! Her submissive nature surfaced immediately. Closing her eyes, she opened her lips slightly to let junior's finger slip into her mouth, then started to suck it, gently..

"Oohhhhh, no, please, young master, don't knock me out again.." Batgirl persuaded herself that she was only doing that as a trick to lull Junior into a false sense of security, but why was was her stupid pussy getting more lubricated all the time?..

"Just lie back then and enjoy this, Miss", smiled the kid as pointed at his erection sticking out over the top of his shorts. Batgirl's eyes grew into saucers. He was simply huge for his age! Junior roughly spread the weakened crimefighter's legs apart and thrust himself inside the stunned maiden without any preliminaries. Batgirl felt like she'd been penetrated by a young rhino. She orgasmed immediately, and started to buck her hips as her pussy once again flooded. Her cries came faster and faster, and then with another long "Oooohhhhh!!!" she came yet again and collapsed into another deep and helpless faint.

"I'll make sure she gets plenty more of this if she wants to keep her secret!" mumbled Junior to himself, gazing at the helpless Batgirl, ten years older than him but lying there unconscious and at his mercy.

Half an hour later, As Miss Botham was finishing her lesson, Junior knocked on the door and walked back into the classroom. Batgirl followed right behind him, meekly holding his hand and looking very delicate and unsteady on her feet. She quickly sat down on a chair by Miss Botham's desk, looking down at her feet in silent embarassment.

"I'm glad to see you have regained your senses Batgirl" said Miss Botham. "I have told the class that they shouldn't discuss this episode with anyone. And I hope you won't be angry at this young man for his exuberant behaviour", she said, pointing at Junior.

Batgirl looked very sheepish. "I'm very sorry to have let you all down", she said to the class. "I was just not feeling myself today..wrong time of..never mind..".

Then she turned to Junior. "I.. I'm not angry at you, young man" she stammered, visibly embarrassed. "And thank you for helping me to recover..and..and".. She looked at Junior with a pleading look, but he seemed to just smile and encourage her to go on:

" show my appreciation.." continued Batgirl, blushing furiously, "I'll be glad to help you with private lessons at home.."

"Why, thank you, Miss Batgirl, you are too kind" smirked Junior.

"That's nice", beamed Miss Botham. I'm glad there are no hard feelings.

"So, children, we will now finish our lesson and say goodbye to Batgirl. But before you go, I have another announcement to make: For next week, I have managed to persuade the Chief Librarian of the Gotham City Library to lend us his best member of staff for a fascinating tour of our historic Library. He promised that he would make Miss Barbara Gordon available to us for the whole day. She is a lovely young lady, very experienced with children. I hope you will all enjoy this outing!"

A crashing noise interrupted Miss Botham's words. Batgirl was on the floor, flat on her back. Her pretty white feet were stuck in the air, peeking over the edge of her tipped chair. She appeared to have fainted yet again.

Batgirl was glad to be back at her flat and in her bed. It had been a very confusing day. She was sure that Joker Junior had done some.. well, some things to her that he shouldn't have during the half-hour she had spent lying stunned on the examination table, but it was difficult to remember any details, because she had continually drifted in and out of consciousness. But Junior had made one thing clear: He had used the School's digital video camera to shoot a film of her helplessness, and he was expecting some favours from her - or else he would distribute copies of the tape to the school and to the newspapers. He had demanded that she agree to give him private lessons on English literature. Well, really, there are ways of asking! She had no choice but to agree, in front of the whole school.

Batgirl was of course angry at this. It was, well, it was almost, blackmail! She was sure that the tape couldn't possibly be that harmful, but still, any pictures of Batgirl collapsed in a fainted state would not improve her reputation as a crimefighter. She couldn't feel too angry on the other hand. Her faith in the good nature of Gotham's young citizens was unshakeable, and it was her duty to help educate someone as handicapped by a villainous dad as Junior was. In any case, maybe she was to blame too. It was all a blur, but she had a hazy memory of Junior climbing on top of her on the examination table, and although she had meant to say "No, no", in her confusion she may have moaned something different. Maybe "Oh, oh", or even "Yes, yes". And he made her feel quite funny, if a bit light-headed, and she could see in his toned muscles that he liked sports, and there was something big about him that she could only vaguely recall, and... Batgirl finally fell asleep, with her left hand held between her legs and the thumb of her right hand in her pouting mouth.

She felt much better in the morning, and spent a useful day in the library followed by a couple of hours of routine crimefighting. Then it was time to make her way to Joker Junior's dormitory for the promised lessons. She was amazed to see how friendly a reception she received from all the sixth-formers when she turned up. She had been afraid that her unfortunate performance during the school demonstration would have diminished her heroic image in their eyes, but no, not at all, they all seemed to dote on her and gaze at her in appreciation.

In fact so many people insisted on getting into the lift with her that it became unbearably crowded and she felt herself squeezed in all sorts of places. Some unfortunate kid seemed to get his hand trapped against her lower body, and even accidentally pressed his finger right inside her, causing a deep crease in the very crotch of her purple suit, making her cross her eyes and almost swoon for a moment. Obviously it wasn't the young man's fault, but he caused her to moisten very badly and she had to quickly adjust her suit as soon as she stepped out of the lift - thankfully no one seemed to notice her involuntary plaintive moan during the episode.

She was glad to escape the crowd when Junior opened the door to his room and let her in. For some reason, he used some pretty strong language at his friends and slammed the door in their faces, but Batgirl was sure that English Lit would soon improve his vocabulary.

"So, Junior", said Batgirl, immediately taking charge of the situation. "I've brought with me three different books, and we'll make a start on Shakespeare today. I hope you are ready for some hard work, you don't get Batgirl's help without being willing to put in a lot of effort!"

"I'm ready for it, Miss", said Junior. He started walking towards her, and instinctively Batgirl backed up slightly. "But before we start, Miss, I have to check something!" said Junior, rolling up his sleeves.

"Check what?" said Batgirl, the corner of her pretty mouth curling in suspicion.

"The school nurse asked me to make sure you aren't suffering any after-effects. From when I knocked you the f**k OUT, colder than an arctic winter.." grinned Junior, as a shocked Batgirl blushed and wished she could forget her embarrassing performance.

"I'm fine, thank you. And I simply fainted, it was just an accident", she said, trying to sound aloof, but backing up right against the wall as Junior came to within inches of her.

"But the nurse insisted, Miss. You wouldn't want me to disobey her? First I have to check your pulse..". Junior placed his hand against the smooth white skin of Batgirl's neck that was exposed just above her cape. His finger's sought a pulse, just under her right ear, where her cowl finished. He pressed down slightly.

"Gaak.." exclaimed Batgirl. "OK! ok.. jst dnt sqzz..". But it was already too late. As the blood flow reduced, her concentration evaporated.

"And I have to make sure that the swelling and the moistness have subsided from when I kicked your cute little pussy..". His hand wandered down and found the seam between the two halves of her purple suit, just above her Bat-belt. It slipped inside smoothly and immediately made its way down to cup her crotch.

"Huu - Huuuuh!" said Batgirl. Her hips started bucking, her legs lost all strength. Junior easily took almost all her weight on his hand.

"And then, I have to check your internal temperature", said Junior, roughly clamping his mouth against Batgirl already-open delicate mouth. His tongue roamed inside her, exploring her perfect teeth, her own tongue unable to do anything but surrender.

Batgirl's oxygen-starved brain could only give one final command: A massive orgasm struck her. Soaked, shuddering, her stunning body collapsed into an unconscious pile of pretty limbs as her lovely blue eyes rolled back into their sockets.

"Oh dear, not again, Miss Batgirl!" smiled junior. "We do like our fainting spells, don't we?" "Maybe some bedtime will help".

One her high heels had come off as she collapsed. He grabbed her bare ankle and dragged her to his bed. The handcuffs were already waiting at the corners.

After a week of difficult "lessons", Batgirl had to face the obvious truth: Junior was treating her like his girlfriend: He did some very naughty things to her body that only real boyfriends were allowed to do! The cocky little devil even asked her to go on the pill! She was surprised not to be feeling a lot angrier than she was. Anyhow she was powerless to refuse the youngster's demands. Not only was the threat of the videotape still hanging over her head, she also had to admit that Junior was physically too strong for her to resist. Twice she tried to fight him off, and twice she got punished for it, ending up spreadeagled, pantie-less and totally unconscious on her back while a delighted Junior merrily pumped inside her. He'd shown her the videos later, just to tease her, and she felt so embarrassed to see how silly and helpless she looked, with her eyes rolled up and her tongue hanging out while her limp body was being bounced up and down by her rampant tormentor. Thankfully, the boy had some weird sense of fair play and had shown no inclination to remove her mask while she was at his mercy.

On the other hand, Junior had turned out to be a surprisingly good pupil. Despite doing most of his reading while resting on top of her and casually tweaking her nipples, he learned fast and made impressive advances at school. Batgirl could not resist feeling some pride about his much-improved grades. Maybe it was all worth it. Anyhow, she was sure that he would soon grow tired of her body, and find some girl his own age to play with. At least she hoped it would be soon, because she could not cope with his virile energy for much longer. She was far too exhausted to go crimefighting after her daily struggles with Junior.

Today though she was busy with other things: It was the day of the school visit to Gotham Library. Using her secret identity as Barbara Gordon, she was showing everyone around. She was confident that she wouldn't be recognised, but even so, she tried to stay away from Junior, because she couldn't stop blushing every time he caught her eye.

As for Junior, he was madly in love! This Barbara Gordon was some hot librarian! She had a stunning body, just as curvy as Batgirl's, but she showed it off to even better effect with a tight blouse that hugged her perky bust and a short skirt that revealed her long, ballerina-like legs. And she had the face of an angel, with her brunette hair sometimes falling over her lovely eyes to give her a sultry look that would have tempted a saint. Junior fixated on the idea of sampling this gorgeous brunette after enjoying Gotham's most stunning redhead for the past week. He decided he'd have to do something about Miss Gordon. Best of all, it was clear that Barbara had noticed him. On several occasions their eyes met and she'd immediately look away and blush furiously. The girl obviously had a thing for him!

Junior wandered around the library's corridors until he spotted an office door with Barbara Gordon's name on it. As soon as the school visit ended, he told his friends that he'd make his own way back home, then sneaked into Barbara's office and hid himself behind a tall stack of encyclopaedias. Busying himself by looking up four-letter words, he waited for the object of his desire to turn up.

Relieved that the day had gone without incident, Barbara eventually made her way to her office. The library had emptied, but the conscientious Miss Gordon was often the last person left in the building. As always, she wanted to tidy up her desk before leaving. Today she had to sort through a very special folder: This was nothing less than the official Police file on Batgirl. Naturally Gotham's finest kept detailed records of the famous crimefighter's career. But because of the sensitivity of some of the material, Barbara's father, Police Commissioner Gordon, had decided that the file should be entrusted to an extra-safe pair of hands. His own daughter was the obvious perfect choice!

Commissioner Gordon was wise not to entrust this material to his male colleagues downtown. Some of it was pure dynamite. Although the public perception of Batgirl was of an almost unbeatable heroine, in reality the police records revealed that Batgirl lost at least as often as she won. To help the morale of Gotham's citizens, the police wanted to sustain Batgirl's heroic image, so they often suppressed material about her defeats. On several occasions, ambulance staff attending incidents were gently persuaded not to discuss having to revive an unconscious Batgirl or having to release the naked and gagged heroine from some tight bondage. There were many still photos and even some videos, forcefully removed from over-eager TV crews, that too often revealed a very vulnerable and easily overpowered young heroine.

As Barbara sorted through the sensational material, many memories came flooding back. She cursed herself for her normally well-hidden submissive personality, but she just couldn't help being turned on by the villains that defeated and dominated her. Here for example was a recent photo of her being revived by a police woman and a paramedic after being knocked out by the Riddler: She remembered it well. The Riddler had a thing about her feet, which he had stroked with great skill and devotion until the shuddering Batgirl actually had an orgasm just from his manipulations. Then, while she was still coming, he had suddenly whacked her on the chin with her own high heel and left her lying there in an unconscious heap. The feeling of passing out in the middle of an orgasm had almost blown her shocked mind. Later, she compounded her own shame when she had another mini-orgasm while the young police girl who found her was trying to revive her with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. That had taken some explaining!

Lost in her fond sensual memories, Barbara was on her knees leaning forward, gazing at the strangely erotic photos. She rested her chin in her left hand, while her right hand absent-mindedly slipped down to her skirt, past her panties, and started to tease her damp, clean-shaven pussy with her middle finger.

At the last moment, she sensed the shadowy figure moving behind her, but it was too late to react. A strong hand wrapped itself around her mouth and stopped her from screaming. Another went down to her crotch and pressed down on top of her own hand, forcing the confused Barbara to suddenly penetrate herself with her own finger.

"Mmmmmmphh!!! Hlllpp!" she tried to scream.

"Quiet, Miss! I won't hurt you". Her assailant had a youthful and very familiar voice.

"Calm down Miss Gordon, I'm just your favourite pupil from the school. My name is Joker Junior. I only came back to return a book, when suddenly.."

Barbara sighed with relief. Junior would not hurt anyone. But what the hell was he doing here!!?

"..when suddenly", continued Junior, "I notice the demure Miss Barbara Gordon, respectable librarian, looking at photos of the great Batgirl and ...wait for it... playing with herself! Shocking! Well, well, Miss Gordon, it seems you've been found out! You are so totally GAY and you fancy our pure, innocent little Batgirl! Ho-ho! Wait till this hits the news channels!"

"Nnnnhh!" Barbara shook her head in vigorous denial, her pleading blue eyes staring at her young captor with incredulity. The stupid kid had put two and two together and had come up with five!

"Oh yes, Miss Gordon, it's no use denying it! What do you have to say for yourself?" Junior released Barbara's mouth to let her speak.

Barbara spluttered and took a big breath. "No, no.. It's not like that.." she started to say, blushing. But she was trapped. Any alternative explanation risked connecting her to Batgirl. She had to avoid that at all costs.

"Well.. maybe.. I do like her a little... she's such a wonderful crimefighter.. you wouldn't tell anyone about a girl's secret, would you??" she lowered her gaze and shyly rubbed her left breast against Junior's body.

"Oh all right, I won't, Miss, not if you behave so nicely to me.." smiled Junior. "In fact, I only want to be very nice to you", he said, pressing down harder on Barbara's trapped hand, which he had still not released from its soaking-wet prison. Barbara shuddered and whimpered submissively.

Junior used his free hand to lift Barbara's curled-up body on to his lap. He ran his fingers down her back, reached under her short skirt, lifted it up, and slipped his fingers beneath her drenched panties. He started to stroke the tender area millimeters above her anus. It was too much for the poor girl. Penetrated from the front and teased so mercilessly around her rear entrance, Barbara gave out a low yodelling moan, rolled her eyes, collapsed sideways on her captor, orgasmed on the spot, and concluded her spectacular performance by simply and totally fainting dead away.

"Why, Miss Gordon, your stamina is almost as pathetic as that of your favourite heroine!" smirked Junior, affectionately gazing at Barbara's angelic face. "You and I will have a lot of fun together. In fact, I'll have to show you some videos of Batgirl that I'm absolutely sure you'll enjoy watching!"

Junior gently slapped his victim's cheeks. Gradually she started to show some signs of semi-consciousness.

"Here's the plan, Miss Gordon". He beamed as Barbara's long eyelashes fluttered. "I am a very busy boy in the evenings, because your kinky little dream-girl is teaching me a very interesting form of English literature. But I'm oh-so-free in the mornings! And I'm just so sure that you are very keen to help me with my Maths!". "Aren't you?" he smiled and shook the incriminating police folder in front of her dazed face.

"So starting tomorrow morning I'll be visiting your flat on my way to school, just before you leave for the library. It's not such a big deal, I can handle two lessons a day, and you'll only have to provide one of them. Your favourite purple-suited dreamboat will handle the rest. I'm sure you can handle the natural requirements of a growing lad between the two of you!".

But Barbara had fainted again.

It all started going wrong again at 7.00' in the morning, when Barbara Gordon received her first (and antisocially early) visit from Joker Junior to her flat. Still barely awake, she had opened the door dressed only in her see-through nightie. Obviously she was very confused and feeling vulnerable after yesterday's shocking ordeal at the library. How else could she explain her disgraceful, defeatist reaction to seeing this naughty kid standing there with an evil grin and an obvious bulge in his trousers? Without saying a word, the sleepy-eyed Miss Gordon put her arms around the boy and climbed on his lap, wiggling her behind to settle comfortably.

Opening her legs wide, she gently pressed her moist pussy against his uncoiling erection and, with a little whimper of half-hearted protest, let herself get pushed hard against the wall and shafted back to sleep, still on her very doorstep. JJ's hands pushed Barbara's flimsy nightie aside and gripped her shapely behind, holding her upright even after her eyes closed and her regular breathing indicated she was asleep. Still lodged firmly inside the limp, unconscious girl, he carried Barbara upstairs to her bedroom. After filling up the poor maiden with practically gallons of his stuff, he wiped her soft, glistening pussy with a towel, tucked her back into the still ruffled bed and left for school.

Barbara woke up for the second time an hour later. She was glad her conqueror had not left her tied and gagged. If he had, she would have been helpless and in real trouble, and might have been discovered like that by uncle Alfred, or... or.... With a small shock, she realised that she's just come again for no reason at all. Oh why did these things happen to her?

Should she, perhaps, have resisted instead of surrendering so soon? No, it wouldn't look right for Miss Gordon, a quiet, studious young librarian, to put up a real fight. She had no choice but to pretend that she was a fragile little wimp. Fighting would have aroused suspicions, and Junior was aroused enough already. Barbara had only acted to protect her secret identity. The fact that she had come to orgasm three times while being done by a schoolkid was unfortunate, but necessary. Annoyingly, the thought that she had been done, raped while senseless, made her blush and moisten again. This embarrassing reaction, and her fainting, and her annoying tendency to lubricate freely in Junior's presence, were all probably caused by her tiredness and a lack of sleep. She had, naturally, collapsed into Junior's lap from pure exhaustion.

Now however it was different. After a shower and a hearty lunch, she felt like her real self again, dressed in the famous purple costume. She was the great Batgirl, feared crimefighter, and no schoolkid was going to treat her like this for long! Enough of being abused like a fantasy girl-next-door by this horny little menace! She'd been far too soft with the little brat. Now she was really angry. She drove the Bat-cycle to Junior's boarding school, almost breaking the legal speed limit, and and walked into his dormitory room determined to give this mischievous young citizen a good spanking.

She didn't like having to intimidate the child, but felt it was necessary to assume her heroic stance in the middle of the room, feet planted apart and hands on her hips. The youngster had to be made to understand the strength of authority.

"Now listen here, young man, you behaviour towards me has been quite unacceptable. And, from what I hear, you are also.. uhh.. distracting another young lady in the library!"

"You can't go on doing your very naughty things to me - or to this other lady. This familiarity must stop. It's most.. it affects our...errr... well, it's just simply not done! I'm older than you, and you must do as I say. So there!"

Junior, unsurprisingly, thought otherwise. With a roll of his eyes and a resigned look on his face, he grunted and delivered a single back-handed slap to Batgirl's face. It only took one. The slap was vicious enough to physically lift Batgirl out of her stylish high heeled shoes and slam her against the wall like a ragdoll. Her mouth fell open. How could he do that to her, to his girlfriend? Her eyes started to cross. Her plans evaporated. The only question in her dazed mind was whether she would pass out right now or in a minute. She managed to avoid falling unconscious on the spot, but was dimly aware that she had wet her panties.

Slowly, she started to slide down the wall, clutching her forehead in a classic swooning gesture. Would she, the great Batgirl, lose a fight like this? Some heroine she was, ready to go out after one simple slap. She felt another of her unwanted 'blushing' reactions coming on. Oh no, not now! Not when she was in her heroine costume! What would Junior think, seeing his Batgirl come in her purple tights like a cheap slut, just from being slapped?

With a huge effort, she managed to grasp the end of the desk and stand up again. It proved to be a brief recovery.

"I think...I'm going... to faint.." she pronounced, slightly labouring the obvious.

A vacant look appeared on her pretty face. Her knees were shaking, her eyelids fluttering. Then her tireless Nemesis put a finger under her chin, closed her mouth, and gently tipped her onto the writing desk, still with just one finger. Batgirl collapsed on her back, instinctively assuming the familiar open-crotch position, the soaking wet patch of nylon revealing her total submission and outlining the silky folds of her womanhood. The boy was on her like a tiger, grabbing and ripping off the lower half of her bat-suit.

Batgirl's long, elegant legs immediately lifted up into the air in silent surrender. Junior grabbed the left one by its beautifully sculpted ankle. He had collected one of her high heels from the floor and now put it back on her limp, unresisting foot, leaving it deliberately at a kinky angle. Then he started caressing her soft, white, naked sole under the loose shoe, with some considerable skill. Batgirl's poor right leg was neglected and unsupported. It shook like a leaf as Junior pumped his hips against her. To her shame, her shaven pussy opened up immediately, like a flower welcoming the rain, and clutched his member tightly as it slipped swiftly and smoothly inside her.

Junior thrust into the semi-conscious, soaking, shuddering girl at his youthful, frenetic pace. More than his thick intrusion, she could feel her own flimsy, strapless high heel perched on the tips of her dainty toes and it made her very weak. Maybe it had been a mistake to wear her sexiest, most open pair, because it seemed to make Junior more enthusiastic. She wasn't sure why she'd picked them. But there was no chance of protecting her poor vulnerable feet anyway, when her cunning enemy knew that her weakest point lay there.

The kid took off Batgirl's velvet gloves and held down her exposed hand, pressing his thumb into the young girl's tender palm, massaging it with almost affectionate stroking motions. Strangely enough, this tender little touch was what did her, what finished the battle for her. Totally overcome, Batgirl's body betrayed her again and surrendered to the boy for the fourth time that day, gushing like a burst dam. Both of her alter egos, both respected and proud pillars of Gotham City, were getting shafted senseless, at will, by this well-equipped little devil. And he didn't even know that he was raping the same girl each time! The thought made her come again, spasming in a series of small shudders, defeated and helpless against a mere schoolkid.

As Batgirl's blue eyes started to cross and roll up behind her mask, JJ listened to his victim's helpless whimpers of submission with amusement.

"Hu-hu-huuuuuuuhhh... stop.... JJ.... you're doing me....too hard....please stop.. not again... oh.....oh no.. I'm fainting...oh .oh...ohhhh..."

"That's it Miss Batgirl, let go, you're going to come for me just once more, that's it, good girl, yes, go on, yes, YES...Well done!"

A deep "Uuunhhhhhh..." was the final incoherent reply from the utterly devastated maiden.

Batgirl's eyelids were still slightly parted, but all that Junior could see was the white of her eyes. She had fainted into a small bundle of limp, elegant, unresisting limbs. The tip of her cute pink tongue was peeking out of the corner of her half-open mouth.

He slapped her cheeks gently. No response, the fragile little wimp was totally out like a light. Even her slick pussy finally stopped clutching his member. The randy young miscreant was turned on by the thought that Batgirl's pussy had fainted too. The way it had opened up to welcome him, it certainly had a mind of its own. Obviously, little bat-pussy liked him more than Batgirl herself admitted! He smiled, pulled out of his victim, and leaned forward to kiss the soaking, helpless, shaven little honeypot.

Funny how both Batgirl and Miss Gordon were so beautifully shaven. Sadly, neither seemed able to spend much time in a conscious state when he was around them! It was a shame, because they both had these beautiful blue-gray eyes that he could gaze into forever. And this cute way of sticking their tongue out slightly whenever they fainted - which was often - and their full lips that .... Hey.. come to think of it.. wasn't it ....?

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