Batgirl Tortured, Abused, Raped. Torture of Catwoman as well.

Batgirl’s Horror Chapter One


It was an uneventful day in Gotham City, and as night fell, Batgirl was looking forward to getting to bed. She’d ridden her cycle about town for four hours, finding nothing at all significant, and as she started to wind down, she felt that the rest of the night should be quiet.

Batman and Robin were out of the city, tracking down a lead on the Joker, leaving the defense of the city in her care. Now she was planning to take a break, when unexpectedly a man waved to her. Drawing her cycle to a stop, she stepped off to the curb.

For a moment he looked her over, something that she had long since gotten used to. The skin tight purple costume hugged her body so well it might have well have been sprayed on her, while the yellow cape and the long red hair of the wig she wore provided an offset to the color. She noticed his eyes stroking her body as she walked over to him, and when they lingered on her chest she was quite certain it wasn’t for the yellow bat emblem whose wings spread across her breasts.

“Good evening,” she said. “What can I do for you?”

“Quite a bit, actually.” He answered with a smile that set off every alarm in her head. A healthy libido was one thing, but not only was he undressing her with his eyes, he already had her on her back! She stopped just out of reach.

“I beg your pardon?” She asked cautiously. He stepped forward.

“I love a woman who begs.”

His body language telegraphed the low punch to her long before he threw it; she had plenty of time to dodge, but that wasn’t what happened. For some reason, in the last instant she hesitated, and his fist slammed hard into her stomach, doubling her over. Pulling herself up immediately with sheer will, she was determined to meet his attack, but just as she started to raise her arm to block his fist coming high at her, she hesitated, and he got through her aborted block, hitting her jaw and stunning her, staggering her back a few steps.

He was right after her, and as she regained her balance, her legs spread wide, his foot came up hard between her thighs with a savage kick that slammed with devastating force right into her vagina!

Batgirl bit back a scream of pain, but she was in such agony from the blow that she couldn’t stop him as he grabbed both her breasts tightly and pulled her to the side. Legs spread again to stop herself from falling, she never had a chance as his knee came up hard, slamming into her unprotected pussy so hard she was lifted entirely off her feet!

This time Batgirl did scream as, unable to stand, she collapsed to the pavement, her hands clutching her wounded pussy. She tried to fight the instinctive reflex to cover the pained area, but she was so stunned by the double blows she never saw the kick which slammed into her face, knocking her backward. Her head hit the pavement with a crack, but she never felt the pain.


The first thing Batgirl became aware of as she recovered was the sensation of being carried, and then a pause in her forward motion as she heard a loud ‘clank’, and the sound of a heavy metal door being swung open. A moment later she was heaved into the air, and could not even prepare herself as she crashed heavily to the floor!

Horrible pain shot through her body as she lay, stunned. The impact was so hard, so unexpected, that she could not move. The metal door slammed shut beside her, and for many long moments she heard and sensed nothing about her.

Opening her eyes, she found herself looking up at a high stone ceiling. Looking about with just the cast of her eyes, cautious about moving should anything be broken – it certainly hurt enough – she saw that the walls around her were of rough stone. Displayed on every available inch were the most chilling examples of vicious tools of torture she ever wanted to imagine.

A low moan attracted her attention. Carefully sitting up, she turned around on her hip to look behind her.

Batgirl gasped as she saw the woman who hung by her crossed wrists from a chain in the ceiling. She was standing against the far stone wall, nude save for black gloves and boots, and her body was covered with cuts, welts and blood.

She was tall, slightly more so than Batgirl was herself. Her hair was a rich chestnut brown, and her face was quite lovely, though now contorted in pain. She was held high by the chains, and shackles encased her ankles, pulling her legs apart so widely it had to be painful. Her breasts were covered with crisscrossing cuts, as if a knife had been taken to them over and over. Her legs were cut as well, and everywhere blood had flowed and dried on her abused body. The fur covering her pubes did not hide the cuts inflicted upon her, and as Batgirl looked closely she was horrified to see the blood between her legs, where her sex had been viciously sliced over and over.

The woman was staring at her, gasping, and her chest heaving as she tried to speak through the pain.

To Batgirl’s left another woman stood, this one equally naked. Her large breasts were bound so tightly with a gold rope that they stood high and massively compressed, a deep red. The rope ran down between her legs where it pulled very tightly into her vagina before being tied about her waist.

Her breasts and crotch were purple with heavy bruising. It was clear she had been severely beaten, and then whipped all over her most sensitive, intimate flesh. Her shaved mons veneris was covered with the evidence of multiple bites. Her breasts and crotch had been whipped, and the dried blood about her crotch was ample evidence of the violence of her rape.

Both women were suffering terribly, yet the one to her left seemed so broken she did not even move, but stared straight ahead, not even seeing Batgirl.

The woman before her tried to speak, but her voice was so low it couldn’t even be called a whisper. “Have pity…” She begged.

Batgirl stood up; however much she hurt it was nothing compared to how these two women were suffering. She stepped closer to the chestnut haired woman, seeing now the red rimmed eyes, and the multitude of parallel cuts across her breasts and pubes, dozens of them marked now by furrows of dried blood. “Please…” She breathed, unable to speak. “Have mercy, Batgirl. Please!”

“Of course. I’ll try to get you out.” She reached up, straining to reach the shackles binding the taller woman’s black gloved hands, and as she did so she got a good look at the gloves. The fingertips were tipped with sharp claws, which were thick with dried blood. Looking down, she saw the distinctive cat’s ears band hidden by her disheveled hair. She looked into the woman’s red eyes, eyes she’d never seen without a mask. “Catwoman?”

The nude prisoner nodded regretfully. “Finally captured me.” She smiled weakly, but an ironic laugh brought a grimace of pain to her face. She looked up again with piteous eyes. “Thinking I got what I deserved?”

“No one deserves this!” Batgirl told her forcefully; outraged by the vicious torture she had clearly been subjected to. She looked over the left shoulder at the motionless woman. Now she took in the red boots with the white stripe, the gauntlets encasing her wrists, and the golden tiara. “Wonder Woman?” The prisoner did not move, but now the reason was clear; it was her own magic lasso that trapped and controlled her. She looked back to Catwoman. “Who did this to you?”

“Did it … to myself.” She answered weakly, barely able to keep her head up. Batgirl couldn’t believe what she had heard, deciding the woman was delirious. “Please, water?”

“I don’t have any. I’m sorry.” She walked over to Wonder Woman. “But I can get you two out of here. All I have to do is free her, and she’ll be normal again.” Reaching up for the Amazon’s tightly bound breasts, Batgirl was about to start untying her when suddenly two metal shackles shot out from behind her and clamped about her wrists. With a startled scream Batgirl was yanked off her feet, flying backward to slam with devastating force into the stone wall!

She’d tucked her head forward to avoid another impact on top of her already sizable lump, but all the force was taken by her back! Her arms were pulled out over her head and to the sides, and as she hung, stunned, she felt two metal shackles clamp tightly about her ankles.

Her legs were yanked apart with terrible force! Head thrown back, Batgirl shrieked in pain. She usually limbered up well before going out on patrol, but the brutal force had yanked her legs apart so far and so hard that her leg muscles almost tore! She was spread further than she ever had in her old gym classes, never even as far when making love; and the pain tore though her crotch and down her thighs as she screamed in torment.

She hung about two feet off the floor, gasping, trying desperately to relax her leg muscles so that they would adapt to the strain, but it was a long time before they did, and she could tolerate the wide extension the chains forced on her. She heard the heavy metal door to her left start to open.

“I’m so sorry, Batgirl.” Catwoman whispered from over to her right, looking piteously at her.

“Oh, don’t be sorry, my dear woman.” Starburst said as he entered and closed the door tightly behind him. “We’re all going to have a good time.”
Batgirl’s Horror

Chapter Two

Torture Tour

The man who strolled into the cell was about 6’ tall, brown hair, maybe in his mid-40’s. He had a pleasant enough face, but there was a definite cruelty in his eyes. It was also the same man who had beaten her senseless in the street. He wore brown pants, a short sleeved white shirt, and an air of sadism so thick Batgirl thought she would gag. He strolled over to Wonder Woman, but looked across at Batgirl. “So lovely, don’t you think?”

“No!” He raised his hand, putting it on the helpless Amazon’s right breast as if it were something he owned and would touch whenever he liked.

“Ah, but so delightful. I understand a woman’s breasts, so bound like this, become more sensitive by the moment, until even a gentle touch like this drives her wild with pain.” In fact, though Wonder Woman did not move at all, Batgirl could see in her eyes that he was perfectly correct, something she herself knew from long personal experience. Her breasts had been bound tightly once, and she realized that the agony she’d come to know from that incident was nothing compared to the long bondage after severe beatings that Wonder Woman was enduring. Her eyes glistened with unshed tears as Starburst stroked her overfull breast.

Standing at her side, he suddenly drew his fist back and slammed it into the side of her breast. Despite the order for silence, Wonder Woman cried out in a high pitched keening wail of agony, and Batgirl found herself screaming in outrage. “Leave her alone, you damn maniac!”

Wonder Woman stood motionless, except for her heavy gasping, her chest heaving as she wept, unable to stop herself from pulling sharply at her bound pussy, the tight rope digging painfully into her sensitive vagina, the searing pain reflected all too well in the woman’s tearing eyes.

Walking away, unconcerned, he stepped over to Catwoman, who astounded Batgirl by actually cowering away from him. What unspeakable horrors had he inflicted upon her to make her draw away with such open fear?

He reached up between her legs, putting his hand on her vagina, and Catwoman cried out in pain as he pressed on her cut and torn vagina. She writhed about in her bonds, the chains straining as she fought to escape, but there was no relief for her.

“Let her go, damn it! You’ve hurt her enough!”

“On the contrary, you just can’t hurt a pussy enough!” He clenched his hand tightly, crushing and yanking at her sensitive lips. Head thrown back, back arched, Catwoman shrieked, an earsplitting scream that echoed off the stone walls and drowned out Batgirl’s outraged cries as the nude woman writhed in torment, straining helplessly at the chains.

It went on and on, until Catwoman collapsed in the chains that held her up, unable to scream anymore. When Starburst took his hand from her, his palm was covered in red blood.

With a casual gesture, he wiped his hand on her heaving breasts, smearing them with her own blood as Batgirl started to curse him, dredging up every vile epithet she could imagine, knowing all too well that very soon she would be suffering even as the other women had.

Catwoman hung limply, her head down, sobbing brokenly as trails of red blood flowed down her legs and dripped to the floor.

Starburst favored Batgirl with a smile as he stepped over to the corner between the women, and selected a short knife, whose edge gleamed menacingly in the harsh light. Stepping over to where Batgirl hung spread widely and helpless, he brought the sharp edge to her chest.

He put the blade to her right breast, just at her nipple. “Let’s see. Here?” He shook his head, moving it to her left breast as she gasped, trying to back further against the wall. “Here? No.”

He lowered the blade, the point trailing down her body, and then between her legs, the point upward as he pressed. Batgirl was trying to hide her terror, but as he pressed the blade to her, and she could actually feel the point press against her vagina, she gasped, her chest heaving with her terror. He pressed up harder, and she could definitely feel the point press into her soft labia. “Here!”

Batgirl’s Horror Chapter Three

Torture and Betrayal

Batgirl hung from the chains, her legs spread painfully wide, gasping in fright. She normally did not let any enemy see if she was afraid, but this time she could not help it. The cruelty Starburst had shown in torturing the helpless Wonder Woman and Catwoman only offered a taste of what she would endure, and now the sharp blade pressing into her vagina was a very real prelude to her coming suffering.

As she stared down at his hand as it went hidden between her spread legs, she couldn’t actually see him because of the swell of her own heaving breasts within the tightly straining costume blocking her view, but she could clearly see his arousal at what he was doing to her. She knew she was at the mercy of a sexual sadist who got off inflicting pain and worse on helpless women, but seeing the proof tenting his pants filled her with a special kind of dread, a very feminine terror. She’d been beaten before by thugs, but she usually wound up giving as well as she got. This time, she was up against someone who was really going to enjoy it, and the pain he inflicted on her was going to be far more intimate than what she usually endured.

The thought filled her with a poignant terror she knew she had to fight to keep hidden, keep under control, or she and the others were lost! But then he pressed harder, and the point pierced both her uniform and the sensitive flesh within, and she was undone.

She froze in abject terror, unable to breathe as he moved the knife slightly, and she felt the point shift just a bit. Barbara Gordon had never admitted it to anyone in the world, never would admit it, but her deepest fear, her most extreme phobia, was that someone was going to inflict severe damage to her vagina. Reasonable or unreasonable though the fear was, especially in view of the violent life she’d chosen and the counterpoint that not one of her lovers had ever been painful in any way, it remained a source of mindless, extreme terror for her. And having seen the brutal way he’d abused the others, and seeing his hand come away bloody from Catwoman’s still bleeding labia, she knew her horror was now reality, and she was helpless to prevent it!

When the point withdrew about a millimeter, and he started to draw the blade forward, cutting into her costume, Batgirl gasped in unallayed fright! He was not going to cut her pussy, but he was cutting into her crotch, slicing open the material between her thighs. As he grabbed the tight material of her crotch and started to cut forward, already opening it as high as her abdomen, she fought to get her pounding heart under control. But now she was reacting to being violated, to being helpless before a knife wielding madman, to having her costume cut open about her; and she was as terrified as she had been!

But now she felt terror and outrage, but the sickening horror that even now made her head swim and nausea grip her had faded, and with it much of her strength. She couldn’t quell the nausea that even now was threatening to make her head spin in cold sweats and cause her to lose her dinner.

He looked surprised at her smile. He didn’t know how the thought of losing that dinner all over him appealed to her.

Starburst did not know why, in her overwhelming fright, she could smile, but he would quickly wipe it off her face. Cutting up past her breasts, he smiled at the sight of her young, firm mounts. ‘Bat-Girl is right!’ He thought. ‘She must be in her teens! Nice and firm and young. This is going to be Great!’ Taking her heaving breast in his right hand, he held it up and brought his mouth to her nipple. As she watched in helpless terror, he sucked the tiny pink nub between his lips and bit as hard as he could!

Batgirl screamed, arching her back as he pulled her with his teeth, tugging at her as he mercilessly bit her sensitive nipple. Batgirl’s screams reverberated in the stone chamber, and when he finally stopped she sagged down in the chains which held her spread eagled two feet above the floor, groaning as her nipple throbbed with every beat of her pounding heart.

He didn’t stop, but grabbed the spread material of her costume and started to tear it open, perhaps knowing she would be even more humiliated by his ripping the clothing off her. She couldn’t fight him, though she desperately wanted to, as he tore her lycra bodysuit open, shredding it off her body. She wanted to protest, but knew it would do no good, yet it was still humiliating. He ripped her costume until all that was left were her gloves and boots, encased as they were in the shackles, her cowl and cape, and her black silk panties.

When he stepped back to appraise her, she felt like she could feel his eyes stroking her bare body. Left with only the purple cowl and yellow cape, she actually felt even more naked and violated than if he’d only left her with her silk panties.

He reached out to feel their softness, petting her pubes through the material. She only wore silk under her costume; it cost a little more but she always felt she was worth it. But it was never meant to be seen by anyone, just for her personal pleasure and satisfaction. She felt violated that he had found her out so crassly, and also touched her so casually, so possessively, as if it were his right to do so. “Don’t touch me, you bastard!”

He stopped petting her, and his other fist slammed with brutal force into her sensitive mound of Venus, the pain so intense she actually pulled herself up higher, screaming. She collapsed, unable to sustain it, groaning as the pain surged through her. He went back to stroking her pubes, and she hurt too much to stop him.

But as he stroked her, he turned to Catwoman who hung to his left. “Would you like to go free?” Catwoman looked up slowly, unable to believe her ears. “Would you?”

“Yes…” She whispered, unable to speak aloud. He left Batgirl where she hung and went to her.

“Well, you can.” He reached out, putting his hands on her sliced breasts. At that moment all the clamps holding her upright and spread snapped open, and she started to sag to the floor. But he caught her by her breasts, clamping tightly as she cried out in pain. He held her by this agonizing grip for a few seconds as she writhed weakly in pain, and then he turned, flinging her into the room.

With a shriek, Catwoman tumbled along the stone floor, coming to a stop near Batgirl. She lay face down, groaning, clutching her bare breasts. “Cut her up, and you will go free.”

Batgirl could not believe her ears, but even as she stared at the woman in disbelief Catwoman pushed herself to her feet. “Pet her like I was doing.”

“No, Catwoman! Don’t! Don’t do this! We can fight him!”

Catwoman staggered over to her, catching herself on the wall beside the girl wonder. “No! You can’t make me!” She cried. “You can’t!”

She put her gloved hand on Batgirl, pressing on her panties. “Catwoman, don’t!”

“It’s not me! It’s not!” She drew her hand along Batgirl’s pubes, and the sharp claws sliced furrows in the soft material, digging into Batgirl’s flesh, cutting her as the girl screamed.


“I’m sorry! It’s not me!” She very slowly drew her claws again across Batgirl’s pubes, slicing the black material to ribbons and cutting into her, pulling at her black fur as the claws dug into her, moving with agonizing slowness, making the girl scream in horrendous pain. She was not digging deep, but the scratches hurt just as much.

Catwoman looked up at her, her eyes imploring. “Batgirl, I swear, it’s not me!” She reached around Batgirl’s hips, and drew her claws slowly along the firm rounded cheeks of the heroine’s bottom. Batgirl cried out, thrusting her hips forward, but unable to escape the torturous claws.

Catwoman did it again, and Batgirl’s pain argued with her rage. How could she do this to her, having been so horribly wounded herself? Batgirl had tried to free her; now if she could she would pay the treacherous woman back in spades!

Suddenly, with a startled cry, Batgirl was free, falling to the floor. Leaping instantly to her feet, she blocked the fatal feline’s swiping blow and rammed her fist into her face!

Catwoman staggered back as Batgirl regained her footing. “All right, bitch! You want to play that way, we will. I was trying to help you, but if you don’t back off I’ll knock you into next month!”

“Batgirl, I swear! You have to believe me, I’m not doing this!” She slashed at the masked girl, and Batgirl barely dodged in time to avoid being sliced across her breast. A follow through swing to her face was barely avoided; Batgirl felt the rush of air from the swipe.

Batgirl’s pubes and ass were killing her, and she could feel she was bleeding slightly from the shallow cuts, but she would attend to herself later, after she dealt with this treacherous beauty. Catwoman might have the advantage of height and reach, but if Batgirl could time it right she could get under her guard and –

She didn’t dodge in time, and Catwoman’s claws caught her left shoulder, opening a trio of cuts. “I’m sorry! I can’t help it! It’s not me!”

“Well, this IS me!” She lashed out with her foot, catching Catwoman hard on her wounded, bleeding vagina, making the taller woman shriek as she fell to her knees, clutching herself. She knelt on the ground, sobbing in pain. Batgirl stood before her, feeling a little odd in sliced panties, cowl, cape and gloves, but she was satisfied the fight was over.

“All right, bitch. Had enough?”

Catwoman nodded, sobbing brokenly. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry. I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to!”


With the speed of a striking cat, the woman’s hand flashed out and her claws flashed through the shredded panties and clamped deep into Batgirl’s bleeding pubes. Batgirl shrieked, doubling over, and in a murderous rage started punching Catwoman’s thoroughly sliced breasts. She hit her as hard as she could, over and over, both women shrieking in pain as Catwoman pulled at Barbara’s crotch and Batgirl kept slamming her fists as hard as she could into the taller woman’s wounded breasts, blood covering her gloves as barely healed cuts opened in a gory flow.

Batgirl’s Horror Chapter Four


Finally Catwoman released her clawed grip on Batgirl, sagging to the floor, sobbing and writhing in agony, clutching her bleeding breasts. Batgirl stood over her, her chest heaving, covering her own wounded crotch with her hands. She stared down at the crying woman, unable to believe her eyes.

Unexpectedly, she heard a clapping sound from her left, and was as surprised as she could be that in her confrontation with Catwoman she had forgotten her tormentor and captor. “Beautiful.” He exclaimed, still applauding with sarcastic slow rhythm, stepping to the other side of the sobbing woman. “Just as well as I might myself.”

Batgirl looked down, seeing the helpless woman laying at her feet, writhing in pain, the blood flowing between her fingers from her wounded breasts. Batgirl raised her hands. Though her palms were stained with the blood that had seeped through the shreds of her panties from the shallow cuts on her pubic mound, the backs of her hands were covered with red blood which dripped with horrible slowness onto the floor. She couldn’t believe how much blood there was on her hands; or that she had done it.

Looking up, she tried to charge across the broken woman’s body, but she couldn’t move. Stunned, she tried again, but did not move a muscle.

“Yes, Batgirl.” He said with a malicious smile, having seen the change in her eyes. “Now you begin to understand. She couldn’t help herself. She was not in control of herself; I was. However, I didn’t help you beat the hell out of her tits.”

She could only look down with her eyes, not even moving her head, and the guilt she felt was overwhelming. He was right. She’d beaten a wounded, helpless woman all on her own. Normally she had more control over herself, but this…

Catwoman turned on her side, toward her, looking up through tear-filled eyes. “Please. Help me.” She gasped; the sound horrible. “I think … I think I’m …”

Batgirl balanced herself on her left foot, her right boot coming up of its own accord, and though she tried to resist Batgirl brought her foot up, and stamped down with all her might on Catwoman’s breasts, stomping them into the stone floor!

Catwoman shrieked; arching her back as Batgirl crushed her breasts despite her efforts to stop. The girl wonder fought with all her might to stop, but instead she pressed down even harder, grinding the woman’s bleeding breasts as she screeched on and on in one long soul searing scream of ultimate torment.

Selena lay still, driven to unconsciousness by the intensity of the agony as Batgirl stepped back, staring down in horror at what was left of the beaten woman. Unable to move, Batgirl found that she was able to speak, and launched into a vicious tirade. “You sick, perverted bastard! You miserable fuck! Look what you’ve done!”

“What I’ve done?” He asked with a mocking smile. “You’re the one who smashed her tits to pulp.”

If Batgirl could have, she would have launched herself at the man, giving vent to her murderous fury. But as it was, she suddenly found herself as silenced as she had been before, able to think of the worst invectives she could dredge up, but able to do no more than stand quietly before the sadistic monster. He reached down and grabbed one of Catwoman’s ankles, dragging the unconscious woman along the stone floor. Selena’s body left a horrible trail of blood in its wake.

Dragging her back to the right wall where she had stood, Starburst attached one of the shackles to her right ankle. Touching a concealed remote control in his pocket, he caused the chain to retract into the ceiling, pulling Catwoman’s leg up with it.

It continued to rise, pulling the woman up, her right leg lifted and her body, awkwardly upside-down in a most painful position, her legs spread wide and bloody, torn labia in full, horrible view. As her body was inverted, her bleeding breasts and crotch started marking a slow trail of red horror up her body, along her stomach and chest toward her face. Batgirl could only stare in horrified sympathy as Catwoman’s tortured and abused body was hung from the ceiling like some perverted hunting prize, drops of blood even now rising up past her cheeks.

Starburst stood looking at the poor woman, admiring his handiwork. He turned to look at the cowled & caped girl. “Beautiful, isn’t she? Just the perfect way a woman should be. Helpless, naked, beaten, bloody & suffering, all in one package.” He turned toward her. “But I was just warming up with her. What I’ve got in mind for you will be really spectacular!”

Barbara Gordon felt her blood turn to ice as she contemplated just what horrors lay in store for her, helpless as she was at the mercy of this sadistic monster.

He came toward her, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small cardboard box. “I think I’ll leave your mask and cape on; more interesting that way. Besides, I adore redheads too much to remove what is so obviously a wig.” He stroked her crotch with his fingertips. The black silk fragments she wore did nothing to conceal her jet black pubic fur. He looked closely at it, an expression of curiosity on his face. Batgirl felt herself blushing, knowing what he’d found.

Starburst tore at the last fragments of the black silk, the light pieces drifting to the floor as he got a good look at her, and she blushed in even deeper shame. A few weeks ago, in a playful mood, she had taken it into her mind to trim her dark fur into the shape of a Bat!

It had been a private thing; she never anticipated anyone seeing it; and if sometime her passions got the better of her, she could always explain it as an infatuation with Batman. But for this monster to see what to her was a very private, if humorous, indulgence was more than she could bear. He looked up at her, and Batgirl felt herself blushing even redder, her face hot behind her mask. Somehow, she felt even more violated than she had when he’d ripped off her costume, or sucked on and bitten her nipple. The smirk on his face was far removed from the passionate smile she’d imagined a lover to favor her with on making the discovery.

He started to pet her fur. “Good little bat-pussy.” He said with a mocking smile, her embarrassment turning to rage, though she could give no expression to any of it. She stood there, apparently placid and calm, while he mocked her as he petted her pubis. “This is going to be ever so much fun!”

He stopped petting her, a relief she was momentarily grateful for, until he opened the small cardboard box in his hand, and when she looked down, only able to move her eyes, the blood drained from her face.

Batgirl’s Horror Chapter Five


Batgirl, standing nude save for her cowl, cape, gloves and boots, stared with mounting horror at the contents of the cardboard box that Starburst held so casually in his hand, knowing deep in her soul what tortures he had planned for her. She couldn’t move anything but her eyes, but she was sure that, when the time came, he would not deprive himself of her screaming.

The box gleamed with the silver of over a hundred small pins, each about an inch and a half long, the type she’d used hundreds of times in securing fabric for her sewing. But this time she knew they were not going to be used in hemming a dress!

He pulled one out, holding it before her eyes, moving it slightly as the lights gleamed up and down its surface. “Beautiful, aren’t they? Do you sew? Ever prick your finger on one?”

“Yes.” She gasped, surprised that she could answer. She couldn’t move, but he’d released control of her voice. She knew it was so he could hear her fear and pain, but aside from trying to fight it, there was no way to stop him. He put his hand under her left breast, and slowly brought the gleaming metal downward.

She was able to look down as he brought the pin down, the point dimpling her breast slightly. The pain was sharp and immediate, and she gasped, trying to hold back. But then she remembered something Batman had told her. ‘When all things are hopeless’, he’d said, ‘it does little good to try to put up a brave front. When there is nothing that can be done to halt the pain, you have to decide if being stoic or letting go is the best way. There’s no point in being stoic when you have only one relief.’

The pin punctured her breast, and Batgirl cried out. He slowly pushed it down and down as she stood gasping, the sharp pain too intense to hide. Groaning and giving little cries of torment, she watched him push the needle in deeper and deeper, until all of it was buried in her breast!

He stopped, just holding her breast as her chest heaved and she tried with gasping cries to endure, to adjust to, the sharp pain. She felt the metal deep into her breast, and every breath, every movement, brought new depths of pain. But she was unable to fight it; the pain was so intense it forced her to these shallow gasps, the cries and moans as her breast was violated so deeply.

He cupped her right breast, bringing another pin down, choosing just the right spot and pricking her sensitive flesh. He started to press down, and Batgirl bit back a scream, trying hard not to give him the satisfaction as the pain in her left breast was doubled in her right! He pressed harder into her heaving breast, pushing until the pin was deeply imbedded in her firm girl flesh.

Only the rounded silver tips of the pins were visible, resting on her creamy flesh, and he held her left breast again, bringing another pin to a new spot. Batgirl squealed in pain as the sharp point punctured her breast, digging in. It pierced one of her mammary glands and this time Batgirl did scream, long and loud. She was still screaming as another pin was pushed into her right breast, just to the side of her nipple!

Blinking back tears, Batgirl looked down in time to see him put another pin to her left breast, and every time she took a breath her tit was pricked by the motionless point. He was playing with her, and there was no way she could stop him! He pressed the pin into her with merciless slowness, letting her feel every millimeter.

He brought one up under her right breast, pushing up, the weight of her own breast working against her as he pressed up, and Batgirl sobbed as it pierced her, digging deep into her firm mound.

Batgirl felt her head spinning, realizing she was hyperventilating from the intense pain and fear, and bit her lips in an effort to stop. She didn’t dare pass out! But she couldn’t hold back the moan as he pressed yet another sharp pin into her breast, working it in with tantalizing slowness, drawing out the pain. Batgirl couldn’t keep from crying, and didn’t even try.

Sobbing, tears flowing over her mask and down her cheeks, she stood helpless as he inserted pin after pin into her sensitive boobs. Seeking each spot carefully, he impaled her with merciless efficiency, reveling in her cries. The tears fell on her heaving breasts, and when the salty moisture touched any of the buried pins it introduced her to a new level of suffering.

He wasn’t even holding her breasts any longer, just inserting the pins in, her own firmness her worst enemy. Over and over again he slowly inserted pin after torturous pin into her as she stood gasping and sobbing, crying out with each new abuse. Top, sides, bottom, pin after pin until there were at least 25 in each breast, marking her with gleaming points of silver.

She couldn’t believe how much her breasts hurt! The pins were more painful than anything she had ever conceived, and he showed no signs of stopping! Indeed, as he pulled the next one out of the box the look in his eyes was so terrible that her blood froze!

Leveling the pin directly at her breast, he touched it to her nipple. She froze in abject panic, unable to believe he was actually going to do it!

Slowly, taking all the time he wanted, he pressed the sharp point to her nipple, and pressed harder, and harder! This time Batgirl did scream, feelingly as the point pierced her nipple and dug deep into her! He kept pushing and pushing, burying the metal deep into her! He wasted no time in pulling another one out, and Batgirl never had time to catch her breath before she screamed again as he impaled her other nipple, burying the metal with terrible slowness, mercilessly puncturing her.

Her scream ended only when she was reduced to breathless sobs, weeping in abject misery, unable to endure the torture for another moment! But she suddenly realized, with true horror, that the worst was yet to come!

She paled as he put the box in his pocket, and as he reached for her she froze in panic, unable to stop him as he put his arms around her and drew her into a passionate hug. Her agonized breasts were reshaped against his chest, the dozens of pins pressed into new positions as a supernova exploded in each of her breasts! She threw back her head and shrieked and shrieked and shrieked again until blackness smothered her and she gratefully died.

Batgirl’s Horror Chapter Six

Extreme Torture Rape

When Batgirl woke laying on a cold, raised slab of stone, arms and legs chained wide apart, she truly wished she *had* died. Her first conscious breath sent a blast of searing pain through her still impaled breasts. Each one was still dotted with the silver heads of over two dozen pins, particularly the most intensely painful one that crowned her pert nipples. But as she gasped, trying to control her breathing lest she pass out again from the renewed pain, she tugged carefully at the chains that held her arms high and wide over her head, and her legs obscenely splayed open so widely that the muscles in her stretched thighs cried out in protest. “Awake and ready for more, I see.” The hateful voice observed from down beyond her spread legs.

She looked down past her heaving breasts, seeing him approach her. “I was just sitting there enjoying the view.” There was nothing that could be said in answer to such an outrageous statement, and Batgirl didn’t even bother to try. He reached out, and she jumped in her skin as she felt his hand cover her vagina.

She bit back a blistering invective, unwilling to waste her breath. She knew anything she would say would only make him enjoy her torment more. But when he came up next to her and pulled a familiar box from his pocket, and leaned down over her spread thighs, all her nerve deserted her!

Barbara Gordon’s deepest phobia was of someone hurting her vagina. It was an irrational one, she knew, considering the life she’d chosen, but it was a phobia nonetheless. And knowing just what he had in mind was enough to drive her instantly into panic!

“No! Please! Anything but that! I’ll let you have me, I’ll be your slave, I won’t fight you- but please don’t hurt my pussy!” He pulled out a pin and brought it slowly, teasingly, between her legs. “No! Please don’t! OWW!” He’d touched the point to her lip, and she jumped, trying to pull away. “OW! STOP! OWWW!” He smiled sadistically as he kept pricking her, just touching her sensitive flesh, making her jump and squirm in futile efforts to avoid the sharp pin.

He got very close, leaning over so he could see her vagina clearly. She was closely shaved about her soft lips, the bat emblem trimming of the fur on her pubis the only adornment to her intimate flesh. As such, there was nothing to obstruct his view of her labia, pulled open as it was by the strain on her widely spread legs. Her vagina was open, giving him a view into her love tunnel, and he carefully inserted the pin into the depths of her femininity.

“OWWWW! GOD, OW! STOP IT!” He kept pricking at her, and as she moved her hips in desperate attempts to avoid the sharp pain she actually was bringing herself down on it in new positions of torment.

Starburst smiled broadly, enjoying the treatment of her soft and sensitive pussy, the way she jumped about in vain attempts to save herself. Nothing was lovelier than a woman trying to avoid being hurt; she would do anything to save herself and all he had to do was enjoy the show. He was having great fun watching the sexy woman tormented, and hearing her desperate pleas.

“OWW! Oh God, have MERCY! OWWW! PLEASE! OWWW!” Batgirl was going mad, the reality of the abuse even more terrible than her fears. She was gasping, unable to breathe, heart pounding in her terror, but despite her blind panic he wouldn’t stop, wouldn’t show her the slightest mercy.

Then she felt him grab one of her labia, pulling the soft lip to the side. Not sure what he was going to do, she only knew it was going to hurt. She didn’t have to wait as a blazing sword was rammed into her vagina, and she almost jumped completely off the table, shrieking.

He had pulled aside her lip, pressing it to her flesh and driven the pin deep into her, burying it to the hilt, pinning her open and searing her sensitive flesh as her body arched, her ear-splitting shriek echoing about the stone chamber.

Batgirl collapsed back onto the stone altar, wailing in agony, tears streaming down her face as she cried out in unending torment. She felt him grab her other lip, and tried to pull her hips away, wiggle, do anything at all to keep him from –

The tremendous pain again tore a scream from her as she writhed in a paroxysm of agony, her other lip pinned hard to her, spreading her outer lips wide. When another pin was driven into her crotch, Batgirl screamed for death, praying for it to be over! Her heart was pounding in her chest, and she thought she was going to die! She barely ran out of breath from her piercing scream when it happened again, and she thought she’d break both wrists and ankles tearing at the shackles that bound her so securely spread!

She collapsed onto the stone, sobbing loudly, wailing in unending torment. The pain in her breasts was bad enough; the four pins in her vagina were more than she could stand! But when she felt his fingers prying at her inner lip, she broke! “GOD! NOOOOOO! PLEASE DON’T! DON’T DO IT! I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT, BUT AAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEAAAAA!!!” He’d driven a pin deep into her, pinning back her inner lip, more sensitive by far than her outer. The pins may have been little more than an inch long, but they felt like daggers in her! He pulled at her other lip and she screeched as he drove the pin into her. She writhed madly in the chains, almost pulling them out of the stone walls as she convulsed in searing torment. She screamed until she couldn’t scream anymore, collapsing onto the altar, sobbing brokenly.

Starburst let her cry, watching her closely, very pleased by her. Her outer and inner lips were spread wide, pinned into her crotch, revealing the depths of her love tunnel. She looked absolutely gorgeous! There was only one thing missing. Taking the last pin, he reached for the soft hood of girl flesh that covered her clitoris, pulling it up and baring the ultra-sensitive nub.

Batgirl froze in abject terror, unable to breathe, unable to beg for mercy she knew would not come. She was frozen in a dread that overwhelmed her. It was her ultimate phobia, her deepest panic. She couldn’t –

Her earsplitting shriek filled the stone chamber as she convulsed in ultimate pain, her mind ripped from her as she screamed and screamed, thinking she’d go insane from the torturous agony – but even this ultimate torment was dwarfed as he mounted her, pressing his cock into her splayed vagina, and shoved into her in one brutal thrust!

Batgirl screamed so shrilly she deafened herself as he tore her panic-dry flesh open, ramming hard into the pins buried in her, smashing into her clitoris as he grabbed her, pressing his chest to her agonized breasts, clinging tight as he rode her, slamming his cock into her over and over again with merciless cruelty! Batgirl couldn’t stop screaming, and couldn’t scream nearly enough to deal with the searing pain. He kept slamming into her soft vagina with all his strength, something that even normally would hurt severely, but now her body convulsed wildly, tearing at the chains, as she shrieked and shrieked, praying to pass out, to be relieved of this deadly torment!

But pass out she did not! She had to endure every instant of this merciless rape, his pounding thrusts bruising her, hammering the pins deep into her. Finally she felt him come, pumping his white hot come into her dry cervix, mingling with the blood from her torn and ripped flesh! She wailed, crying loudly as he came and came!

When he was done she couldn’t move, couldn’t do anything but lay there and cry as he got off her. And when he started to unlock the shackles holding her wrists and ankles stretched so widely apart she still couldn’t move. When he pulled her legs over the edge, and grabbed her arms to force her to sit up, she was still too weak to do anything.

He punched her right breast, a smashing blow that would have ripped a shriek from her, but she was silent, her voice completely broken from all the screaming she’d done. He punched her left breast just as hard, but she couldn’t make a sound, just falling back onto the slab. He kicked her pussy hard! Again and again!

Eyes wide, an expression of shock on her face, she felt her legs give out, and she sank to the stone floor, unable to stop herself. She lay on her side, helpless. She saw his foot come out, felt it slam into her left breast, knocking her into the stone altar, and never knew anything more.

Batgirl couldn’t believe she woke up. She’d been convinced in those last few moments that it was all over. But she opened her eyes to find herself back in the same room she’d been in before, chained to the wall opposite Wonder Woman, with the bloody body of Catwoman hanging by one leg to her right. Before her, Starburst stood in the middle of the room.

Batgirl tried to say something, but after a single crack nothing emerged. Her voice was completely gone.

“Well, Batpussy, I’ll see you later. I’m going out hunting. Don’t know who I’ll bring back to play with, but we’ll all have a grand time.”

She watched him go, sealing the steel door tightly behind him. Batgirl shivered, knowing he would be back soon.

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