Batgirl & Wonder Woman - Catwoman's Love Toys
by Kane and by Bat_man

First part by Kane

Wonder Woman had been brainwashed. She was now under the power of Catwoman, with orders to find Batgirl. (Picture Craig, Carter and Newmar.)

In a set-up, Batgirl met Wonder Woman in an old hotel. Within seconds upon walking in, Wonder Woman was on our heroine. Batgirl was tied spread eagle on the bed.

Catwoman walked in, purring. She took the lasso of truth, and tied one end to the bedpost by Batgirl's hand. It went under Batgirl, between her legs. Catwoman gave the other end to Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman pulled the rope, and it pushed up agaisnt Batgirl's pussy lips. Wonder Woman began to slowwly pull the rope back and forth.

Catwoman smiled. "Batgirl, the lasso compells you to tell the you like that feeling?"

Batgirl moaned... "Y-Y-Yesssssss." Batgirl felt an orgasm building...

Batgirl's mind was cloudy with pleasure. The magic lasso continued to rub her crotch. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" The build-up was too much...

Then the lasso stopped moving. Batgirl slowly opened her eyes. Sweat was on her face and neck.

Catwoman came and stood over her. " seem flushed. Are
you okay?" She put a black glove on Batgirl's stomach, and ran her
fingers down over her crotch, feeling her mound of pubic hair
underneath the purple bodysuit.

Batgirl fought to keep a moan down. It felt so wrong, but also so GOOD.
"You monster! What have you done to Wonder Woman?" Her eyes went to
the Amazon, who stood at the foot of the bed, holding the magic lasso,
a blank look on her face.

Catwoman pulled the lasso out from under Batgirl and walked over to the
Amazon, and placed the lasso around her bare shoulders. "Oh, I helped
Wondwer Woman understand herself better, that is all. See, she tried
to catch me about a month ago...but unknown to her, I had a plan..."
Catwoman walked over to a night table and with her back turned, kept
speaking as she did something out of Batgirl's eyesight. "Wonder Woman
is a VERY powerful woman. But word on the street was she had a
'weakness' that she couldn't get over."

Catwoman turned around and stood behind the Amazon. "See, for someone
SO STRONG, she gets CAUGHT far too much. And always by the same method.
So I thought about it, and figured that maybe she WANTED to be caught,
that she LIKED the method they used...that maybe it was like a thrill
for her." Catwoman paused and looked at Batgirl. "I was right."

Then Catwoman held up a bottle in one hand and a rag in the other.
Chloroform. She put some on the rag and then placed the bottle down.
She stepped up closer behind Wonder Woman - their bodies touching. She
put the rag close to Wonder Woman's face. She held it right in front
of her mouth and nose.

Wonder Woman suddenly got a wanton look on her face. Her eyes became
hooded in pleasure. "OOOOOHHHHHH!" she moaned. Then in a flash,
Catwoman moved. The rag went over her face, and her free hand went
between Wonder Woman's legs. "AAHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman moaned again.
Her body shook, as Catwoman rubbed her clit through the blue star
spangled shorts.

Batgirl could not take her eyes off the scene before her. Wonder
Woman's body shook as a orgasm rocked through her. A stain appeared
on her blue starred shorts. Catwoman smiled. " LIKE the
chloroform, don't you?"

Wonder Woman sighed. "Y-Y-Yess. I-I do." She sighed again. "Pleae
give me some more?"

Catwoman laughed and stepped away, dragging her hand over Wonder
Woman's body, lingering at her breasts for a little, then laying on her
shoulder. "Not right now, not right now."

Catwoman came and sat by the tied Batgirl. "See? It was SO EASY! She
gets off on the chloroform. She cums to it. I just pushed her over
the edge, made her a junkie. I also opened her sexual feelings.
Feelings she'd kept hidden. But not anymore." Catwoman looked back at
the Amazon, who still had the lasso of truth on her. "Tell me again,
Wondie, who do you dream about?"

Wonder Woman looked at the bed. "Batgirl."

Rest by Bat_man

Batgirl lay on the bed, tied spread eagle...looking up at Catwoman and
Wonder Woman. Batgirl's eyes kept looking down at Wonder Woman's
stained blue shorts. Her pussy lips were very visible through the wet
material. Focus, girl...focus, she tried to tell herself.

Catwoman stroked Wonder Woman's shoulder. "Yes, Wonder Woman, you've
told us you dream about Batgirl. Well, here is your as
you wish. Mommy will give you a smell of the rag for each time you
make her orgasm."

Batgirl looked at the Amazon as she came toward the bed. "Wonder
Woman! Snap out of it! You must stop this. Catwoman is using you!"

Wonder Woman leaned down over Batgirl and kisssed her. Batgirl's mouth
opened in surprise, and Wonder Woman used that chance to snake her
tounge in. "MMMMMMMMM!" Batgirl found herself moaning, as the kiss
took a life of its own.

Wonder Woman stepped back and looked up and down at the tied heroine.
Batgirl's mind was racing. She must get away...but Wonder Woman was so

Catwoman worked at the nightstand. This was so wonderful. Catching
Wonder Woman and breaking her was easy (and erotic - Wonder Woman knew
her way around a woman's body, she had to admit). Now Batgirl was to
be added to the gang. Catwoman knew that Batgirl did this more for fun
and thrills then anything else. Batman could think his way out of any
trap. Batgirl would soon give herself over to her carnal thoughts...

As Batgirl looked up at Wonder Woman, she never saw Catwoamn step up
and stick the needle in her arm. "OWWW!" Catwoman smiled. "Don't
worry,'s just a very strong dose of Spanish fly."

Wonder Woman stepped foward again and began touchinhg Batgirl's breasts.
Her fingers found the nipples and within seconds, they were erect and
poking through the purple costume. Batgirl closed her eyes. It felt
SO GOOD. She could feel the drug racing through her body, killing her
will power.

Wonder Woman slid her hands up to Batgirl's neck. She took hold of the
costume, and with a pull of her amazon strength, tore the top in two.
Batgirl's breasts sprang out. "AWWWWWW!" Batgirl moaned. In an
instant, Wonder Woman's mouth was on one braest and her hand on the
other. Wonder Woman began kissing, sucking, licking the large breast.
Her fingers began running over the other one.

Batgirl had never been touched this way - it was too much. She threw
her head back as the orgasm ran over her. "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Wonder Woman stopped and looked up at Catwoman with pleading eyes.
Catowman smiled, and brought the rag over. "Here you go, Wondie." As
Wonder Woman took in the fumes, Catwoman kissed her on her neck.
Wonder Woman came, As Batgirl looked on with desire in her eyes.

Catwoman smiled to herself. So easy! She hadn't shot Spanish fly into
Batgirl. Just a harmless fluid. Batgirl gave in because she WANTED to.
And the fun was just starting...

Batgirl lay on the bed, tied up spread eagle. The top of her costume
was torn, her breasts exposed. At the foot of the bed, Wonder Woman
was in Catwoman's grasp, moaning as Catwoman kissed her neck and face.
Wonder Woman breathed in the chloroform from the rag in Catwoman's
hand, each breath causing her body to shake.

Catwoman stepped away. "Now now,'s not fair for you to
have all the pleasure. Don't forget about Batgirl. Remember - you
make her orgasm, you get the chloroform again."

Wonder Woman turned toward Batgirl. She put a hand on each breast.
"AAAAHHHHH!" Batgirl moaned. Her upper body was covered in sweat, and
the crotch of her costume was wet.

Wonder Woman began kissing her stomach, licking it up and down.
Batgirl moaned again, and lifted up her body - not in protest, but in

Catwoman smiled to herself. Just like she thought. Batgirl was giving
in to the lust she felt. Crimefighting was all but forgotten.
Catwoman shook her head. Soon, she would have to join in...Wonder
Woman couldn't have all the fun.

Batgirl felt Wonder Woman pull her torn top down, down. Under her
yellow belt, Wonder Woman kept pulling the costume. Soon it was down
past her waist. Wonder Woman put a hand in Batgirl's full bush of
pubic hair. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM," Batgirl moaned.

Catwoman stood behind Wonder Woman and unzipped the Amazon's red top,
pulling it off. She then spoke softly in Wonder Woman's ear.

Wonder Woman moved up, her naked breasts touching Batgirl's face.
Without a second thought, Batgirl opened her mouth and began sucking
on the Amazon's breasts. "UUUUUUUUUUHHHH!" Wonder Woman threw her
head back in pleasure.

Catwoman smiled again. Soon, Batgirl would be hers!

Catwoman pulled the topless Amazon away from Batgirl. Batgirl, still
tied on the bed, her costume in tatters, moaned. Her breathing was
heavy, her body covered in sweat.

Catwoman touched Wonder Woman's bare back. "Okay, Wondie...make her

Wonder Woman got on the foot of the bed, between Batgirl's legs. She
slowly put her leg out. Her red boot heel creeped closer and closer
to Batgirl's exposed pussy.

Catwoman caught her breath. Wonder Woman had NEVER done that to her!
She couldn't take her eyes off the scene before her. The heel touched
Batgirl's inner thigh. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" Batgirl arched
her back. The heel slid in just a little into the wet pussy lips.

Catwoman stepped up and put a hand on Wonder Woman's pantyhosed leg.
"Don't take it out, but don't move until I tell you." Tracing her
fingers along Wonder Woman's pantyhose and blue shorts, Catwoman came
to the head of the bed. She leaned close to Batgirl.

"P-P_Please, don't stop her..." Batgirl moaned.

Catwoman cupped one of Batgirl's breasts. "There is something you need
to know, Bat-whore. I did NOT shoot you with Spanish fly. Everything
your body has felt, it's felt under your OWN FREE WILL. You have NOT
been drugged in any way, save the drug of sexual pleasure." Catwoman
let this sink in. Batgirl, her eyes closed, kept moaning.

"Now, Batgirl, knowing what I just told you, do you WANT Wonder Woman
to stop?"

"N-Nooo. Please don't stop."

Catwoman put a hnd on Wonder Woman's leg again, and gave it a gentle
push. Wonder Woman took the hint, and slid her boot heel into Batgirl.

moaned, as an orgasm tore through her. Wonder Woman slid the boot heel
out and in again and again, as Batgirl shook with each stroke.
Catwoman was wet with her own juice. But more important, Batgirl had
given in to her carnal lust...

At last, Wonder Woman slid her boot heel out of Batgirl. It was wet
with Batgirl's hunny. Catwoman watched as Wonder Woman pulled her leg
up and licked the boot heel. That was it, that was all she could stand!

Catwoman pulled the Amazon out of the way. She looked down at Batgirl.
What a beautiful body. She leaned down and began sucking on her breast.
"MMMMMMMMMM," Batgirl moaned. Her eyes were cloudy with lust.
Catwoman traced her claws up and down Batgirl's stomach, all the while
kissing and sucking her breast. The nipple was rock hard.

Suddenly, Catwoman felt hands on her back. Wonder Woman. The hands
came down, touching her butt. Catwoman shook in pleasure. The Amazon
knew what she liked. Pulling up, Catwoman began kissing Batgirl's face.
All fight had left the crime fighter. She didn't remember where she
was, or why she had come here in the first place. She opened her mouth
and kissed Catwoman back.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman's hand was rubbing Catwoman between her legs,
pushing the black spandex softly into her pussy. "AAAAAAHHHH..."
Catwoman then slid down Batgirl's sweaty, wanton body and put her face
in the thick, black pubic hair of the crime fighter. 'So,' she thought,
'not a natural red head.'

Catwoman cleared her head, and stood up. Wonder Woman stood back,
giving her mistress room. Putting the lasso of truth on Batgirl again,
she asked, "Who are you, really?"

Eyes closed, breathing shallow, she said, "Barbara Gordon."

Catwoan was flooerd! "What? That frumpy, shapeless librarian?"


"Well, who knew what a WONDERFUL body she was hiding. I had NO idea
Miss Gordon was built like this." Her eyes drank in the breasts,
shapely hips, and strong legs of the heroine. "Now, who is Batman?"

Batgirl frowned. "I don't know..."

Catwoman shrugged. "Oh, well." She suddenly moved and was between
Batgirl's legs in a heartbeat. Her mouth found Batgirl's clit and
began kissing it.

"OHHHMMYYYGODD!" Batgirl shook again as an orgasm shot through her.

Wonder Woman was on her back, on the floor. She slid up between
Catwoman's legs, and began kissing her pussy lips through the spandex.
As Catwoman came herself, she struck harder at Batgirl, hearing her
moan again.

'Now,' thought Catwoman, 'comes the real test.' Time to UNTIE her, and
see what she does...

Batgirl felt her hands and feet being untied, but did not make a move
to get up.

Catwoman tried to eat the crime fighter, but Wonder Woman was making
that very hard.

The Amazon had now torned open Catwoman's black catsuit at the crotch,
and was sliding two fingers in and out. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Catwoman
moaned, as she stood up and look at the topless Wonder Woman. Turning
her back on Batgirl, she picked up the rag on the floor and tossed it
to her. "Play by yourself."

Wonder Woman grabbed the rag out of the air, and pulled it to her face.
She slid her other hand under her blue shorts, and began masturbating
as she breathed in the fumes. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH..."

Catwoman felt two hands on her. Batgirl pulled her down on the bed,
spinning her in the air as she did so. Catwoman found her face aimed
at Batgirl's crotch. "What?...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" she screamed as
Batgirl kissed her pussy lips. Catwoman sank her head between the
crime fighter's legs. 'Two can play this game,' she thought. Batgirl
found Catwoman's clit in a flash, and began sucking on it, while her
hands found Catwoman's plump ass, and began rubbing it. Catwoman
moaned as she, too, found the clit.


Catwoman found herself on the floor. Wonder Woman had pulled her off.
"She's MINE!" the Amazon said. She Looked at Batgirl and smiled, as
she slid her hand up between her legs. "Ever get a fist fuck?"

Batgirl's eyes went wide in fear, then rolled over white in bliss, as
Wonder Woman slammed her fist into the herione. In and out she slid it.
"MMMMMMMMM!" Batgirl moaned.

Catwoman had stood up. "Stop!!!"

Wonder Woman looked at her, not pleased. "No. You do not own me."

"That's where you're wrong, Wondie. I BROKE you. You need the fumes.
You want the fumes. I have video of you doing things that would ruin
you. And besides, you have no free will." She picked up the discarded
rag. Wonder Woman's glare faltered. She looked hungerly at the rag...

Suddenly a Bat-rope flew through the air, wrapping itself around
Catwoman. Batgirl pushed Wonder Woman aside. "It's OVER, Catwoman.
You have fun going 'down'? Well, now you're going 'up' the river!"

Catwoman shook her head. "I think NOT, MISS GORDON!"

Batgirl held up a can of Bat-spray. A mist soon hit Catwoman in the
face. "Now, will FORGET all that has happened in the
last year. When you awaken in the hands of the Gotham Police, you will
remember nothing."

Catwoman stood there...her mind was slowly wiping itself clean.

Batgirl pulled a spare costume out of her belt. In a few minutes, she
was fully clothed again. Catwoman had guessed wrong. A night of
sex - GREAT sex - would not break her, stop her from wanting to fight
crime, protect the people. But the sex WAS great. It was sad to see
it end.

It was over...almost...

Two months later

Batman looked across the Justice League table at Superman. "Well, I
for one cannot say I'm sad to see her gone." His dislike and lack of
trust of her was well known.

Superman looked at the masked manhunter in anger. "Wonder Woman has
helped this team many times, saved YOUR life as well as countless
others. Now she's missing. BEEN missing for almost six months. And
you are glad..."

The debate went on.

Back in Gotham City, Batgirl walked into her bedroom.

It had been easy. So easy. Wonder Woman had already been missing.
The nation had grown used to the fact that she was 'gone'. So it was a
simple matter of sneaking her back to her apartment. Let the JLA look
for her. They can have their fun, while she had HERS.

"Ready? she asked, as she held up the rag. Wonder Woman, in full
uniform, smiled. "Yes, mistress. I am ready." She reached behind her
lower back, and unzipped her blue shorts. They slid down her
pantyhosed legs, fell at the heels of her red boots.

Batgirl had a sharp intake of breath. Her eyes fell on Wonder Woman's
crotch. The Amazon did not wear panties underneath the hose, and she
did not EVER shave her bush. The mound pushed at the hose, and hairs
stuck out of the nylon. "Oh my!" The sight made Batgirl wet every

Batgirl rushed across the room. She put the rag over Wonder Woman's
face and slid her hand inside the pantyhose, feeling that wonderful
pubic hair. Wonder Woman came as the fumes and Batgirl's fingers
overtook her. "OOOOOOOHHHHHHH!"

Then The Amazon threw Batgirl on the bed. She ripped the costume off,
and soon Batgirl was nude, save her mask, boots, gloves, cape and belt.
She looked up at Wonder Woman. "What's your favorite number?"

"69," Wonder Woman answered.

Batgirl smiled. She pulled the pantyhose down to Wonder Woman's knees.
The Amazon sat on top of the crime fighter, and soon was between her
legs. Batgirl moaned,as she reached up with her mouth and found the
Amazon's sweetness. Bliss...

'Thank you, Catwoman...thank you,' she thought, as she hit orgasm...

The end